About us

Our Philosophy

At Organic+ we pursue one clear objective: to create top quality nutritional supplements and cosmetic products with genuine effectiveness. We thus rely on natural ingredients that are proven to achieve strong results. Our products' unique feature is the use of plant extracts. The body can thereby recognise the supplements as nutrition and can optimally absorb and tolerate the nutrients. We only use ingredients from controlled organic cultivation and certified wild crop collection. Health diminishing additives, such as synthetic colouring, fragrances and preservatives, release and separating agents, paraffins or other petroleum products form no part of our formulae. This does complicate the production process, but your health is important to us!


Top Quality

Organic+ Nachhaltigkeit und Lebensqualität - Produkte

Our History

The idea to produce natural nutritional supplements came to us many years ago. Our bodies could no longer handle the rush of the daily meetings, decisions and business trips. I was repeatedly suffering from fatigue on account of the permanent time zone adjustments. Given the rapid growth of my husband's international company, he soon recognised the need in preventing his body from breaking down.

Even though we placed great value on a healthy and balanced lifestyle, our bodies could no longer manage the ever-increasing demands. As we are still much too young to give up on our careers, we started to look for healthy alternatives. But our search was disappointing. Doctors were quick to recommend sleeping pills and painkillers, but we did not relish the thought of being dependent upon medication for the rest of our lives.

Our Journey

We thus tried to take a different route and consulted with alternative practitioners and orthomolecular professionals. They provided us with suggestions on how we could meet our bodies' daily requirements using nutritional supplements Our interest to create a targeted effect with the help of specific nutrients was thus piqued. However, closer examination of the potential products quickly curbed our enthusiasm. We were confronted with numerous additives whose names we couldn't even begin to pronounce. Subsequently we asked ourselves the question "Are we really helping our bodies when adding a myriad of synthetic additives to our diet?"

We then decided that there must be a better way and took matters into our own hands. Our search for the best ingredients finally came to an end and we were able to create our own nutritional supplements that posed no threat to our health. Our daily miseries are now a thing of the past and we can look forward to a bright and healthy future full of energy and zest for action.

More than a way

Our Promise

With our products, you can rest assured that you will only ever enjoy the highest quality and effectiveness as our ingredients stem from controlled organic cultivation. Ingredients that could limit the effectiveness or tolerance are not incorporated into our formulae. We only use ingredients that are of the highest quality, as your health is very important to us!

Silvia & Hubert