Organic+ relies on natural ingredients in its products that have been proven to achieve strong results. What makes our nutritional supplements and cosmetic products so unique, is their combination of tried-and-tested formulae and the highest standard of ingredients. All of our active ingredients stem from controlled organic cultivation. Our products are free from any additives that could potentially reduce their compatibility and effectiveness. Your health is important to us!

100% organic & healthy

Our products only include carefully collected plant extracts of the highest quality, to ensure that the individual ingredients are almost entirely preserved.

All of our supplements and cosmetic products were developed with the objective of offering you daily support as well as increased energy, performance levels and vitality.

To avoid any additional stress on your body, you will not find any artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives, release or separating agents, silicones, paraffins or other petroleum products in the Organic+ products.

In general, the desired effects usually occur after a short time of use thanks to the highly dosed, high quality ingredients.

We convinced our customers!


100% organic and healthy

The Organic+ Magnesium Oil really lives up to its promise! Since I've been using it regularly after my workout, I don't experience sore muscles or muscle cramps anymore. I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys an active lifestyle.

Andreas E., Austria

My energy levels used to vanish every now and then, especially in the afternoon. Since I discovered the Organic+ Healthy Box, this belongs to the past. I feel more energized than ever!

Afrodita B., Austria

I've been taking the Organic+ B Complex for a few months now. Since then, I've been feeling a lot more focussed yet relaxed. I don't lose my nerve quite as quickly anymore when my child expresses one unaccomplishable wish after the other.

Claudia K., Austria

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