Ingredients for homemade conifer juice:

  • Shoots from conifer trees
  • Raw brown sugar
  • 1 jar


The so-called conifer shoot contains valuable essential oils and can stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria with its antiseptic effects.

Important to note: Only collect a few shoots from each tree and then move on to the next.



Layer double the amount of conifer shoots to raw sugar in the jar. The upper layer should be sugar. Then seal the jar and keep it stored in a cool, dark place for several weeks. The sugar takes the active ingredients out of the conifer shoots, liquifies and turns into an effective cough syrup. If the sugar is liquified, the syrup can then be filtered and stored in a brown glass in the fridge, protected from the light. Children especially find the natural, sweet cough syrup tasty.

#simplyDIY Homemade cough syrup!

The delicate, soft, light green tips of the conifer trees shine down. Now is the time when young spruce and fir shoots begin to sprout.

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